Short Striders

by orymh

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All anybody ever asked him was the one thing that he
Couldn't answer and they knew it even before they started their tongues moving
But the words came out anyway
They couldn't help themselves they didn't know what else to say
To see it once puts a kink in the mind
To see him disregarding distance like a long forgotten childhood lie
He could always walk away but never hide
They'd know him by his short stride

Then came the organized ones
With their very special hats and extraordinary guns
And the chrome on their car shone like a thousand tiny suns
And set the trees on the boulevard on fire
They stepped to the curb with exceptional precision
With identical sneers of nearly clinical derision
Face to face with a man of no particular description
And none of them started to smile

A tip of the brim and the chase was on
With a tricky skip shuffle the man was gone
Stepped off the sidewalk six blocks away
Into a basement left turn onto the 101 freeway
Upstairs to a sunlit room illuminating expectations of impending doom
As the doors came down and the suits stomped in
He found a line to cross and he was off again

Through an elevator door to the back seat of a Greyhound
Turned around and found a second story office where he heard "How did you get here?"
As he disappeared
To O'Hare where he bought three tickets didn't use them
Did the same in San Francisco just to confuse them
With the trail of misdirection getting longer and wider
No one could touch the short strider


released December 20, 2015
Cello: Matthew Probst




orymh Cadott, Wisconsin

This is where I host my solo stuff. Check out to learn more.

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